Organizing an event that requires registration? Need to improve your business process? In the recent years, there is an increasing need for online registration site solutions in Singapore for both international and local events. Innova Concepts are quick to realize this and has has developed an online registration solution for all these needs. Designed with both the registrant and the event organizer in mind, we are able to customize an online registration form for any of your needs over a very short time.

For the users, our online registration forms can be customized with features like:

  • Forms validation module to ensure the validity of the information entered by the user.
  • Captchas to reduce internet spamming.
  • Sending of acknowledging email to both users and administrators.
  • Online payments plugins for paid events or registrations.
  • Confirmations emails to ensure that the user’s emails validity.
  • Customizable of fields like T-Shirt Sizes, Membership IDs, Promo Codes and etc.

For the administrators or the organizers like you, our online registration system allows you to:

  • Generates reports online in different formats on a periodic basis.
  • Automatic report generation via emails on a periodic basis.
  • Reduce duplicated registrations automatically.
  • Ensure that the data collected is valid and correct.

Our online registration forms are perfect solutions for:

  • Different scaled events requiring registration
  • Paid Events
  • Online Products Warranties
  • Lucky Draw
  • Mailing List Registration
  • Membership Application
  • Conference Registration

Depending on you requirements, our website designers are ready to provide you the web designs for you online registration page and if needed, we can even provide you generic registration names for your campaigns or events.

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